Iraq Asks For US Air Strikes

The Iraqi Government has asked for US Air Strikes against Jihad Group Isis. The Militant Group and the Iraq Government have been at war. Isis is closing in on the Iraq capital Baghdad as they take cities and Oil installations.

I knew the Iraqis were loosing this war/battle that they’ve been fighting against Isis and I knew Isis were moving across Iraq pretty fast but I never realised the Iraqis were this screwed to put it. The heads of Iraq must be terrified, they must see that the end is nigh for this current Iraqi Government, they going to get rolled over.

The question must be asked now American assistance has been asked for should the Americans go in?

I hate to say it but this really does feel like the beginning of the Vietnam War but it the Middle Eastern Dessert.

I’m going to look at this from two points of view because I’m in two minds over this. The first one is that America has made this mess so they can’t leave Iraq in the state it’s in. Honestly I do feel like that is is a consequence of the 03 invasion but I feel like that about all the other things in the middle East in the last 11 years. Then there is the idea that they shouldn’t go in because they have already done enough damage to the country and it wouldn’t be good for the Americans to go back in to the country and makes things worse.

Personally I would say stay out but they’ve been asked to help and it’s a call the Americans can’t ignore.

What ever the Americans do they’ll be screwed so I think the Americans should do what best fro them as a country and not go for what would be a popular idea within the world.


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