MI5’s Main Job Is To Track British Fighters In Syria.

Tracking British fighters is now the main task of MI5. The BBC has learned that the British Intelligence Service’s main task is now to keep a track of British people fighting in the Syrian Civil War.

My goodness it’s great to see that the British Intelligence have got their priorities wrong on this one.

I understand their are two needs here, 1) To keep an eye on the Syrian Civil War because it’s becoming a security hazard for the word and 2) To keep track of British people travelling to fight in these wars that have sadly become about religion but to make this the number one priority is a little ridiculous.

They should be keeping their eyes on other targets. Not people who are killing themselves in a war. Maybe they should look in to Terror Plots both here and abroad. Some how I think that might be more of a danger to national security.

This has probably come out due to the war in Iraq. People must be bricking it when it comes to this war especially as British People have already joined in Syria so it’s likely people will join the Iraq Civil War.

MI5 are looking in to people fighting for the people in Syria maybe they should be looking a terror plots both at home and abroad.


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