Kerry Vows Intense Support For Iraq

America will give the Iraqis intense support in their war against Isis. US Secretary of State John Kerry made the vow as he visited key Iraqi Politicians in Baghdad today.

Vietnam 2, Vietnam 2, Vietnam 2

I actually see a lot of awful parallels with this situation and the start of Vietnam and it’s rather scary. I’ve been saying for weeks it’s going to turn in to a horrible drawn out war that America will loose and I’m starting to feel that I’m right.

What ever support America will offer will not help in my opinion. Yes it will slow down the Isis approach but they’re too far in to this to loose. You can throw all your edicts and all of your Air Strikes at these people but when it comes to it, it will not end in the West favour.

But well done to American for offering.

On to Kerry this is the 3rd major international crisis that he’s over seen since taking over from Clinton. He’s either had a very lucky year or the year from hell. Yes he’s been kept busy but it’s been one crisis after another.

Syria, Ukraine and now Iraq.

I’ve said this goodness how many times but I do expect him to make a run for the White House. He’s made a strong case for himself and he’s already had the nod before but got beat by George W. Bush. This could be his time this time. You never know.

So this come be the start of something very sticky I really hope that Kerry knows what he’s promised the Iraqi people because this could end up bad for both Iraq and America.


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