Cameron Vows To Fight On Despite Juncker Defeat

David Cameron has insisted he has not made his last stand. The British Prime Minister has said that he will not give up with his European Reform plan despite loosing in his battle to make sure that Juncker was not elected as the President of the European Union.

Firstly well done to Cameron for keeping up the fight against the European Union.

There needs to be somebody out there who will fight against the EU for the people of Europe because it seems like that there’s nobody else that will do it. Nobody is strong enough to stand up against the European Union and the Germans.

I swear down people are afraid of Germany who Merkel gets away with what she wants. Look at Greece and Italy. Germany and France got rid of the elected Presidents and Prime Ministers at their own whim.

The great thing about this is that it just shows how undemocratic the whole European Union is. The electorate of the European Union voted for so-called Euro Skeptic Parties and then the the heads of these countries voted for a federalist.

Even our elected heads don’t listen to us but they just want to fall in line with Germany.

Hopefully Cameron can win his battle against the Federalists in Europe and then Europe can move away from their stupid single state policy.


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