Fresh Clashes Over Tikrit

Iraqi forces continue their offensive to take Tikrit. The Iraqi army have continued their attempts to take back the city of Tikrit from Sunni Militants Isis in their attempt to regain Iraq.

Yesterday I said I was surprised that the Iraqi forces were making this offensive. This was seems to be one sided from what I can tell . To be honest I’d be surprised if they win this battle. If they do well done to them but I’d be surprised if they do actually get Tikrit.

I’m not saying that the Iraqi Army is useless of unorganized, what I am saying is that Isis can recruit people from across the Muslim World and then they seem to have more will power compared to the Iraqi army. I think this is the reason they’ve moved across Iraq with such a pace.

When you look at this war and you look at the Civil War in Syria you can’t help but my comparisons.

You sadly wonder if this war carries on for the same about of time that the Syria war has gone on for two questions emerge…

1) Is Iraq going to look like a bomb site with no buildings that look like the East End Of London during the Blitz?

2) Is Isis going to use Chemical Weapons if they get their hands on them?

I’m hoping that the answer for both is no but I can’t help the answer for the first question will be yes. I really expect this war to last for a very long time. Iraq is going to be in a terrible state when it finishes and no matter how much forgein intervention is involved nothing is going to change that fate.

This is a war that is going to be a disaster for Iraq and by the end of it their are going to be so many lives lost. If think it’s very doubtful but I’m hoping this could be the start of the long road that will bring peace to Iraq.


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