Security Increased At Airports With US Flights

Airports in the United Kingdom with have their security increased if they have flights to the USA. The American Homeland Security Department enacted the measures at overseas airports that have flights to American Airports.

This has all to do with Al-Qaeda. Supposedly they’re member groups in Yemen and Syria are developing new bombs to smuggle on to planes.

I can just imagine the senior member of Al Qaeda sat around some where in the world getting pissed of with Isis because Isis are getting all the media attention now and now they’re trying to think of a plan to get the lime light again.

OK enough with the slack humour and let’s gets serious

I really don’t know what Al Qaeda are actually thinking about doing this. This has not worked before. They’ve put bombs in shoes, underpants and computers. They didn’t work and lets face it they were caught in the act.

Al-Qaeda doing what they do best being caught on planes.

Is this going to work or is it over hype?

I really feel like the liquid incident back in 2007 was over hyped. I know that sounds a bit tongue in cheek but I really felt like that was over kill. Nothing happened and I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing actually would have happened with that story.

Granted they can’t be too safe on the subject.

So we’ve hyped up security due to a security threat. I hope this actually comes to nothing but I actually expect that it will come to nothing. This will be foiled quickly.


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