Israel Moves Forces To The Gaza Boarder

Israel’s Army has moved to a location near their border with Gaza. Israel’s army’s move to reinforce their border amid high tensions with Palestine after the murder of three Israeli teenagers earlier this week.

You wonder when this new wave of violence between Israel and Palestine is going to kick off and when I say new wave of violence, I mean when is Israel going to pound the crap out of Palestine while the world sit down and does nothing.

The last few waves of bombing that has taken place this week has nothing to do with the murder of those three teenagers. No they were in response to mortars being fired across from Gaza.

No no the best is yet to come by the looks of it.

So I actually think this is the best to come. If they’re moving troops to the border with Gaza it only means that they’re going to move a land force across the border. That means they’re going to blanket bomb Palestine and then take their troops across the border and take Palestinian land.

What is the world going to do about it?

Well nothing because that’s what the world actually does when it comes to Israel and Palestine. They stick their head in the sack like an Ostrich and pretends nothing happens.

It’s a shame because were going to see the Palestine getting bombed to crap and we’re going to do nothing about it.


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