Keith Vaz Criticizes Home Office Over Sex Abuse Loss

The Home Office has lost up to files relating to sex abuse. It has been revealed that there could be up to 114 missing files that can not be traced. Labour MP Keith Vaz has criticized the loss describing it as a lost on an industrial scale.

This is not good for the Home Office. This is not good at all. With all that’s been going on for the last couple of weeks or so, this has to be the worst time for the Home Office to loose files on historical sex abuse claims.

After a month where we discover that Rolf Harris abused girls as young a eight years old and that Jimmy Saville did things to corpses this is really is the worst time. The whole country is in hysterics of child abuse and then the Home Office looses these files.

You’ve got to wonder who’s names are in those files and have they gone missing on purpose.

It’s a question that must be asked if we’re being serious because let’s face it Saville was buddy, buddy with the Thatcher Government. If Saville and Harris name is on that list it would be really embarrassing for the the whole Thatcher regime.

There is one thing I am glad about this episode. Yes files have been lost but at least they aren’t having another inquiry in to the whole affair. We seem to be having them for everything and they’re just not worth it. They really don’t do anything, just look at Levison. It took months to do and then the press did nothing about it.

I can’t help that the Labour party have jumped on this for some political points. They must realize that they’re going to loose the next election under Milliband at the helm so it’s anything to dislodge the Conservative train.

The Home office has really screwed up here. This has to be the worst time for this to have happened. You hope that these files but some how you actually don’t expect that they will.


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