NSPCC Heads Child Abuse Review

The head of the NSPCC will head up a review in to sex abuse Allegations. The review that is set up by Theresa May will look in to how the authorities handled the information handed to them regarding sex abuse claims. The report will be handed to the home office in 10 weeks.

I can’t decide if this inquiry is something that’s been a long time coming, something that the home home office has been setting up for a few weeks or is this something that has been thought up on the hop after it was revealed that the Home Office lost 114 files on the subject.

Let’s face it the Conservative party has taken one embarrassing blow after embarrassing blow on this subject there must come a point where they want to just bury it in the sand and put it behind them.

However we’re going to have to go through another public inquiry. Oh Joy

May has said this will be like the Hillsborough Inquiry? Which one. There seems to be a inquiry about the Hillsborough Tragedy every other year. I know it sounds glib and possibly insensitive but I’ve lost count of the amount of Inquiries in to Hillsborough there’s been that many.

This ones is going to be head up by the chief of the NSPCC. I actually feel sorry for the man. He has spent his time trying to protect children and no he has to listen to evidence about child abuse. This must be a living nightmare. Some how I think that when he get’s home his other half will have to deal with stress and tears.

I know I’ve said I don’t want this inquiries because in the end they really don’t do much but this one might have a place if we finally place some blame at a person’s door especially with the while Jimmy Saville case.


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