Israel Will Resist International Pressure

Israel will not bow down to International Pressure. The Israeli Prime Minister has said that they will not halt their operations on the Gaza Strip and resist any pressure from the International Community to do so.

Israel will not bow down to international pressure and continue to do what they want to do. Why does that sound very similar to what I’ve heard in the past.

Oh that’s right because Israel does what they want to do and the rest of the world can get screwed and they have America’s backing on the subject.

There have been over a hundred deaths in Gaza now since this wave of tension has started. You have to wonder how many people have ot die for this conflict to end.

It’s all come about because three teenager died. Nobody actually knows who killed, Israel claim it’s Hamas but we don’t actually know who did. So over 100 people have had to die.

That’s one hell of a foreign policy.

At least the international community is getting involved now and they’re putting pressure for Israel to stop. Granted I don’t think it’s going to do anything but it’s a step in the right direction.

The world can’t continue and watch as helpless civilians die. It’s time for Israel to cease what they’re doing.


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