Israel Warns Of North Gaza Strikes

Israel will attack North Gaza. Israel has said that they will attack the North End of the Gaza Strip and have warned citizens to evacuate the area before they start.

Wow how nice of the Israeli Government to warn people that they’re going to destroy their homes before they do it. At least they those poor Palestinians would get killed.

If you can’t tell that I’m being sarcastic, they’re still bombing and flattening the Gaza strip.

I have two feeling about this. The first one is that they’re not going to bomb the Northern Part of Gaza and they’re trying to keep the south in a false sense of calm they they’re going to bomb the crap out of it. My second feeling about this is that they are going to bomb the North and when the Palestinians are gone they move some more settlements in.

What ever it is the Palestinians will suffer in this.

What ever they’re going to do it’s still against the International law and they need to stop it. The International Community need to sanction Israel and actually make sure they stick. Then after that they should try Netinyahu for War Crimes or Crimes against Humanity.

Again we see more violence against Palestinians and all we’re going to do is to condemn and speak instead of actually doing something in the action front.


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