Malaysia Jet Crashes In East Ukraine

An Airliner has crashed in East Ukraine. The Malaysia Airlines Plane has crashed in the conflict ravaged zone of East Ukraine where pro-Russian Rebels are fighting the Ukrainian Government.

This has to be the worst story to come out of Ukraine in the last few months. You can deal with the Civil War and you can deal with the shit slinging from both sides. It’s far away from you, you can forget it but when a plane come down in a War Zone then it’s a tragedy.

I’m not trying to be over emotional because if it had been shot down by people in the Ukraine Civil War then these people have become tragic victims in a War that’s not there own.

However until they do an investigation nobody will know who shot the plane down.

Have you noticed who owns the plane? Yup it’s Malaysia Airlines.

Not really been a good year for them has it. Firstly they loose a plane in the Indian Ocean and nobody has found it yet. They’ve been looking for 5 month now maybe less and then a second one is shot down in a war zone. This is all in the shape of 6 months.

I don’t want to sound negative but people are going to loose confidence in the airline. They won’t want to fly with them, they’ll loose business. I’m sorry to the owners of Malaysia Airlines but I can really see the company going bust by the end of next year.

There will be no confidence there any more.

This is an awful tragedy that has possibly come about thanks to a Civil War. Nearly 300 people have died for no reason when it looks like their plane has been show down by forces trying to fight a Civil War back by big powers in the world.


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