UN Demand Access To MH17 Crash Site

The United Nations has demanded access to the crash site of MH17. The Security Council with the backing of Russia has demanded full access to the site in Eastern Ukraine where Malaysia Airlines Plane MH17 crashed whilst flying across the area of the country where the Ukraine Civil War is taking place.

Dear United Nations you can demand away but when you’ve been backing the Ukraine Government over the Rebels then don’t expect anything.

I’m not saying that the rebels are being Childish what I am saying that if I was them and I’d basically been called a terrorist and been made to look like a bad guy in front of the world when I have done nothing wrong except for defending my rights then I would put probably not be fully helpful.

Especially as people are going to find ‘Evidence’ that will lead it back to me even if I did it or not.

I am going to say that it’s great to see the Security Council singing off the same Hymn Sheet now.

Russia has agreed to call for investigators to be allowed in. It looks like they want to know the truth or they actually know something about what happens and will come out with it when the evidence is found. The fact that Moscow has been blaming Kiev for days now seems like they actually know something.

This could finally been the tipping point where we see the West move away from Kiev’s camp and back the Rebels. To be honest I’d be very happy if we did that.

It’s great to see the United Nations talks with a United voice over an issue in Ukraine. Let’s hope that when we get to the bottom of this whole disaster, the tide turns on Kiev and the West changes it’s allegiance and apologies to Moscow.


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