Commonwealth Games Start In Glasgow

The Commonwealth Games began today. The 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening ceremony is under way as countries in the Commonwealth try to compete for medals.

I don’t know if I’ve ever had the chance to talk about Sporting Events. I know I covered the horrendous Opening Ceremony for the World Cup in Brazil a few Weeks ago but I really do enjoy a good sporting event.

The Olympics love it, Football World Cup Love it and The Football European Championship. Again love it.

However I do find the Commonwealth Games a bit pointless. It’s just a select bunch of Countries pretending to have their own Olympics. They even call it the Friendly Olympics.

Seriously that’s how much they want to hype it up and that’s how pointless it is.

I didn’t even realise the last one in Delhi was taking place until people got some kind of food poisoning.

But e thing is here and I’ll go as far a possible to ignore it and thank goodness it only last a few days.

It’s a friendly Olympics and let’s just ride out this boring event that will give the City of Glasgow in Scotland a few Million Pounds. Just remember Scottish Independence Referendum in less than 2 months.


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