Hamas Announces New 24 Hour Cease FIre

Groups fighting the Israelis in Palestine have announced a 24 hour cease fire. This comes a day after both sides observed a 12 hours cease fire. This announcement comes as Israel broke it’s own cease fire amid rocket attacks from Hamas.

Once again I will remind you that I am pro-Palestinian when it comes to this conflict. Well to be honest I’m pro a peace plan but I don’t really expect that to come up any time soon.

Hopefully Gaza will use this very little time they have in this Cease Fire to pick up their belongings and get the likes of the Red Cross and other Humanitarian Aid Agencies in. After this amount of shelling it’s stands to reason that they’re going to need all the help they need.

If Hamas can accept a cease fire then so can Israel. Granted Israel accepted one yesterday from the UN but this is one from their enemy. This could open the door to actual peace talks.

But no Israel wants to defend it’s self from those little rocket and get blown up by the Iron Dome. To be honest I wouldn’t be suprised if this was just a way of getting in enough damage while they can whilst the Palestinians don’t fight back.

I’m getting sick of hearing this defense policy. It’s not self-Defence when you’re hitting UN Schools and Hospitals. It Mass Murder that you’re able to get away with because the West Won’t question you on it.

You just hope that this Cease fire will help and people in both Israel and Gaza feel the good effects of it sooner than later but we all know that this conflict will last for a very long time.


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