Rafah School Strike ‘Criminal’ Says UN

The latest attack on a United Nations School is criminal says the United Nations. The attack that killed 10 people earlier today has been described as a ‘moral outrage and a criminal act’ by the United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon.

Israel has hit another United Nations School. I’m going to love to hear the Israeli’s excuses for constantly hitting these UN facilities. It’s not a coincidence that they’re now hitting UN places
especially as there are thousands of Palestinians in these buildings.

The shocking thing is that the United nations doesn’t think that they’re being hit on purpose. They have been giving Israel the locations of these places and then they get hit.

The UN have been given a big sign saying Palestinians Civilians here. You know those people you want to kill.

Israel has been committing War crimes in Gaza. It’s obvious they’ve purposely been hitting civilians and using the excuse that they’ve been used as human shields.

It makes you wonder how long Israel can peddle these lies and how long people are going to buy it. People get sick of being lied to constantly.

It’s interesting to point out that the Americans have condemned this attack. Yesterday they were condemning the Palestinians and now they’re condemning Israel. Make up you mind. You’ve been flip flopping back and forth from one to the other. They really need to take a side and stick with it.

There is no need for them to look like Mr Popular in this what they need to do is look like serious politicians and condemn and call for the the Israelis for War Crimes.

Hopefully this will be another great step for Palestinians to get peace and the two state solution that they need and deserve. It’s such a shame that so many people have to die at the hands of a terrorist state.


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