US Launches Airstrikes Against IS

The American have launched air strikes on Iraqi Militants. America who have now gone in to Iraq have launched air strikes on the Militant Group the Islamic State. This has happened day after Christians fled their homes in fear.

I knew this would happen and I said that the West would go in because Christians were being persecuted. I’m very sure and aware that if they had still be terrorizing Muslim the Americans would have found a way to not go in to Iraq.

To be honest Obama didn’t even try to hide the fact they were only going in to help Christians. He used the word first then said other Minorities. If he had said they were going in to help people in need then it would have been fine but no he used the word Christians first.

Face palm moment.

In the long run what is this really going to do. IN my opinion it’s going to possibly slow down the halt of the Islamic State then it’s going to do nothing. They might have swung the war in Iraq’s Government’s favor but they have done nothing to finish it off.

So America has gone in to Iraq in the pretense of helping all Iraqis but let’s face it at the end of the day they’re there to save face and hlep the Christian Minority.


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