No Quick Fix In Iraq

There is no quick fix in Iraq. This is the message from American President Barack Obama on the IS problem in Iraq. This warning came as he addressed the problem in the war torn Middle Eastern Country.

There’s no quick fix ay?
It’s going to take time ay?

I’m not levelling this at the Obama administration but toward America and Britain as a whole. It only took about 3 week to destabilise the country 11 years ago. You were told not to go in but you did it anyway. You just couldn’t help yourselves.

Of course this is going to take time to sort out. The country has some how be enveloped in to another country’s civil war and had their land split in to two. If tje Iraqi Government actually win this war and now they have US backing it is more than likely they are going to have a massive job on their hands.

From what I understand this Prime Minister is that much liked.

But I really do hope America learns from the last action in Iraq. I hope they learn from the Invasion that they have leave some kind of structure in place and not just a massive vacuum of power or this will all start again.

Oh and it’s got be well liked by everybody in the country not just the Americans.

So Obama see a long journey ahead of the Iraqis on the road to stability let’s hope it isn’t that long because this is one that could last forever.


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