Thousands Of Yizidis Still Trapped On Iraq Mountain

Thousands of people remain trapped on a mountain. 10s of thousands of the Yazidis People remain trapped on mountain in Northern Iraq and need life saving assistance the United Nations warns.

There’s probably a lot of stuff to cover in this so I hope that I can get through all the major points with out actually missing anything.

The UN humanitarian agencies have had a lot of work to do lately, let alone the crap that’s come out of the security council. I don’t think there’s been a half week where I’ve not mentioned the United Nation for the last 2 months.

They’ve done a lot and said a lot.

The United Nations shouldn’t have to constantly keep on making these appeals and having to help people in a humanitarian way. Yes it’s one of there arms let’s say but they should be trying to keep the world in order and help manage country disputes.

That’s how I’ve always seen them.

I wonder when it comes to the peak of this problem will this be a worse humanitarian disaster than Syria. They’re saying millions of people are being displaced. Their are people hiding in the mountains and there are countries air dropping food to people.

When people are escaping a country to Syria of all places you’ve got to wonder about how bad it’s going to be or actually is. You don’t flee to Syria. Let’s face it you flee away from Syria don’t you.

I really don’t think I can talk about people being trapped up a mountain really cos their isn’t much in that story on the face of it. The story behind the story is the story if you get my drift.

You wonder if this war is ever going to finish and if Iraq is going to help it’s own people but somehow with all the political instability you really don’t expect it to finish.


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