Man Dies After 35 People Are Found In Container

35 people have been found in a shipping container and one is dead. The police found the people in a container that ended up in Tilbury Docks in Essex. The container is has come from the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium.

Firstly I’m going to get this over and done with and look like a numpty for a 2nd week when it comes to Geography. I had to Google Tilbury Dock cos I had no idea where it was.

Not that’s out of the way let’s begin…

Human trafficking and trying to get round border controls. Seriously in this day and age shouldn’t we be past the point where people are trying to smuggle people in to the country. I know it happens a lot, like Cubans trying to get in to America and the likes but we really should be past this.

People should stop taking advantage of other people.

This has to be another black mark on the home office hasn’t it. There was that Slavery story earlier this month back in London and now somebody has died trying to get in to the country. When you’re running up to an election in a few months this is not one of the questions and problems you should have to deal with.

I do wonder if it will effect people’s view on border control, not good especially as people aren’t too happy with the country’s foreign policy regarding Israel.

It’s believed that these people are from the Indian Subcontinent. If these people are from say India and I’m going to focus on them because of the insane gulf between the rich and the poor in that country it makes you ask why were giving them foreign aid. They’re building space probes and rockets yet their people are so poor they are fleeing poverty to come to this country.

There need to be a readdress of balance there.

I know I’ve not mentioned the man’s death but I don’t think it’s a major part of the story, I think you need to concentrate on the smuggling.

This is a very sad story and it just proves how bad people are when it comes to exploiting people and their vulnerability. This is going to be an interesting story to see through as there will be many bizarre twist I can tell.


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