Israel Strikes Gaza After Gaza Rockets

There has been fresh Rocket Fire in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Army has launched fresh air strikes against Palestine in reaction to Rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. This took place just hours before the latest cease fire was meant to end.

Well the peace didn’t long over there. It really seems that these ceasefires are only beginning a lull in an ever increasing pointless and violent conflict.

You wonder how long this is going to last before we start desperately calling out for money just to help Palestine. To be honest we’ve been doing it for the last few weeks anyway.

They’ve been in peace talks for the time these cease fires have been taking place but the latest round has finished with them walking out on each other. I’m not surprised it’s happened as Egypt is an alley of Israel and they don’t like the Palestinians at all.

Well I wonder how bad it’s going to get for Palestine.

Israel really doesn’t have the best record on this, you’ve got to remember they did hit a few United Nation’s schools in the last conflict.

That’s probably the most disjointed entry yet.

This is only going to get a lot worse before it get better. Just for the people in Palestine you hope that the peace process get back in to swing of things.


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