UN Warns Of Amerli Massacre

The UN have called for action to prevent a massacre. The United Nations have said that if there no action the Northern Iraqi Town of Amerli we been the seen of a massacre.

This has to be the biggest call for the West to intervene in Iraq. Have we learned our lessons from Syria?

I really feel like that we’ve slowly marching towards war over the last year. Syria and the Ukraine and now it feels like we’re on the cusp of another war. Granted it has felt like we’re on the cusp of a war for the last year.

John Kerry really has made a name for himself in the last 12 months.

So the UN are trying to stop a massacre. At least they’ve got a feeling there’s going to be a massacre coming up. Well to be honest it would be hard to guess that one is coming up, they have been a few over the last few weeks.

Point and case look at that massacre in the mosques a few days ago. It’s bound to happen again.

Again can the west prevent this. You would want to say yes but I don’t think they can, they’re trying to beat an idea a philosophy. This is not a normal army, it’s a philosophical army.

It’s like trying to be Christian Street preachers but worse.

You hope for people’s sake that they can stop this massacre or we’re going to be reading about 100s more dead and we don’t need that.


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