Pressure Grows On South Yorkshire Commissioner

South Yorkshire’s Police Crime Commissioner is under growing pressure to stand down from his role. The pressure is growing on Shaun Wright the South Yorkshire PCC as a Labour Party front bencher said that the party will suspend Wright if he doesn’t stand down by the morning. This pressure comes after a report was published saying that 1400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham.

This really is a story that’s escalated quickly.

If you read this Blog on a regular basis you will know that sometimes I am very critical of the police. Especially when they open their stupid mouths and make a comment after a really bad tragedy or they get away with murder.

Today I’m going to shoot for the political office of the police. Mr Wright you have been warned.

The man must be the pig headed person to take this role of Commissioner. I don’t think the man feels like he has done anything wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets forced out of office he’s going to claim he was the victim.

This is with both parties telling him he should quit.

Personally I think he should step down from this role. The man was the head of child services whilst this was going on and he was the Commissioner of the Police during the final years of this scandal. He let hundreds of people get exploited and did nothing about it.

Guilty as charged.

I really hope that Labour does suspend him from the party, actually I hope they force him out of the party and then the home office forces him out of the Commissioner role. The man clearly is fit to reduce crime or run the policing in South Yorkshire.

For me that would make one hell of a news story tomorrow.

Hopefully Wright falls on his sword by the morning but I hope he doesn’t because I want to see him get his arse handed to him by the Labour Party and the people of South Yorkshire. The man needs to pay for his ‘crimes’


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