UKraine Close To ‘Point Of No Return’

Ukraine is close to full out war. The Ukraine President has given the European Union a stark warning about how close to a full out Civil War. This message came as the Ukraine President visited the European Parliament in Brussels.

Ukraine is close to full out violent Civil War and the only people they have to blame is their Government. If their Government hadn’t done what they did then they wouldn’t be in this place.

I love how the Ukraine Government is going to the European Parliament with their sob stories. ‘We’re close to Civil War, We’re victimized by the Russian. We’re all innocent. We’ve done nothing wrong’. We there are a few things like removing a elected President before his time because he was pro-Russian.

Again I say your to blame.

Somebody is going to say that I’ve made a claim that Russia isn’t involved. I don’t think I’ve said that but I’m glad that they’ve actually come in to this fight and on the right side.

Hopefully the EU will still sense and jump sides before this does break out in to a full blown Civil War even though I thought they were in a full blown Civil War.

So Ukraine is going in to a massive Civil War. It will be interesting to see if the European Union going in guns blazing or stay natural. What will be the big question.


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