Police Will Not Apologies For ”Ridiculous’ Search

The Police will not apologies for their hunt of Ashya King. Hampshire Police set of a World Wide search for the missing boy who removed from a UK Hospital against the advice of medical advice.

I think this is the first time I’m going to say this and it’s actually a surprise for me but I actually agree with The Police in this matter.

They were completely and totally correct in this matter.They were right to make an international search for a missing child that was seriously ill and should have stayed with in the Hospital Grounds.

I can’t believe that the kid’s parents are acting like they’re victims. This is unbelievable, they take their child out of a hospital and put him in to danger so they can go to Spain for some treatment. Why didn’t they arrange it through the Hospital instead of stealing their own child.

Idiot Parents.

I am really hoping that when they get back to Britain they have the book thrown at them for what they’ve done. If they can’t bring them up on any charges then I hope they create new ones just for them.

so this weekend I believe I’ve seen the height of stupidity when it comes to parenting. Their are better ways to get what you want, you dont need to kidnap you’re own child.


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