Aysha King’s Parents To Fight Extradition

The parents of Aysha Kings are set to fight their possible extradition back to the United Kingdom. Aysha’s Kings parents were arrested in Spain when they were caught after they took King out of Southampton General Hospital. They are now fighting extradition back to Britain.

There has to be a point in these idiot’s minds where they realize that they’ve done the wrong thing and they’re trying to fight Extradition to the UK.

Them more this story moves along the more I dislike this family. What they did was stupid beyond belief and they want to fight for their innocence. I said this yesterday I hope they fail in their bid to for freedom and the book is thrown at them so much it actually leaves a bruise.

Yeah I’m that harsh.

Both Aysha’s brother and Grandma have spoken out and their comments were just laughable.

The brother has said they were doing what’s best for the boy. How? How? How? I didn’t realize that taking a seriously ill child who needs medical attention across the international boarders is for best. I thought let him get medical attention in a hospital where he was already being treated is the best for the child.

The Grandma has said that child is in a hospital where he doesn’t understand people and being surrounded by armed guards and it’s child abuse. Far from it love, they done it for their his good. They’ve not tried to move him across international boarders they don’t like the treatment he’s getting. What he’s getting is the best treatment he can get in the Hospital.

I think you need to look up what child abuse is love.

So the King parents are trying to fight their extradition back to the United Kingdom. Well I hope they fail and the authorities throw the book at them.


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