Britain Will Not Cower To Terrorists

The UK will fight on in the War against Terror. David Cameron has warned members of the Islamic State that Britain will not cower in the face of Terrorism. This has come about after the beheading of an American Journalist by the Islamic State.

Isn’t it great that the subject of terrorism is fully and truly back on the agenda. There’s nothing like keeping your people in a state of fear by shouting the word terrorist at the top of your voice.

It really feels like they’ve hyped up the terror fear again. It actually feels like it’s worse than the tension and fear after 9/11.

It’s brilliant, it again feels like there is actually a holy war on Islam.

Funny that we actually didn’t care about IS until they started to kill journalist. Yes America was bombing them but that was at the request of the Iraqi Government. Suddenly a 2 journalists are killed and then we won’t loose against Terrorism.

Yeah so fear it again hyping up the fear and terror threat.

Britain won’t loose against Terrorism. You can’t loose against an ideal or a thought. I’ve said this before. We got rid of Al Qaeda and killed their leader and then IS comes rearing their ugly head and their worse than Al Qaeda.

Bloody Wonderful.

So Cameron has again declared a fresh war on Terrorism. We all know this isn’t going to be a win win situation. What it is, is a loose loose situation against Terrorism.


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