Cameron Not Ruling Out Air Strikes On IS

Britain could start launching Air Strikes against Islamic State. David Cameron has today said that he would not rule out Air Strikes against Islamic State.

OK, OK so were not ruling out going in to Iraq for the second time. Why? Because there are British people being held hostage and there is a fear that they might get beheaded.

So when it’s people who are Muslims that are being massacred with have humanitarian aid missions and so very strong words against the people who have done it. You know what those condemnations really do work. When it’s a White British person my god that’s a game changer.

how how things have changed.

The only reason they’re going in to this is because it’s a White Person. Granted if we went in for a person of Asian Heritage and was Muslim, I don’t think that would happen. It wouldn’t help the Government’s demonetization of Islam that I feel is going on.

I’m not being paranoid, I really do feel like Islam is being Demonized.

So let’s go in to a war against a belief system. This could last for years and we could loose. I’ve said this 100 times this is Vietnam mark 2. The West is going to go in all guns blazing and achieve nothing.

We really are screwing Iraq up further, we shouldn’t have gone in, in the first place.

Let’s just see if we go to war and what the consequences are of this whole saga will be.


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