Kiev and Rebels Have Signed A Cease Fire Deal

Their will be a sense of peace in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Government and pro-Russian rebels have agreed on a cease fire. They are hoping that this agreement will end five month of Civil War.

So there is going to be peace in Ukraine. My question is at what cost will there be peace at what cost?

Does the East now have to lay down their weapons and give in to the total dominance of Kiev while they slowly sacrifice their rights and any elected Government that has any pro Russian Sentiments.

And if their is a pro Russian Government they’ll be able to declare that person illegal.

Remember that’s what happened in the East of Ukraine and that’s what happened in Crimea. They declared Crimea’s leader illegal and the Russians came in to help.

That is Russian Aggression.

NATO will also have an Army on stand by just in case Russia becomes aggressive again.

Well my god that is hypocritical isn’t it. If the West had not have played around and forced their will on Ukraine with armed mobs then this situation would not have arisen.

I do wonder that this cease fire has come about because Kiev hasn’t managed to get the EU in to this war. I really feel that this Kiev’s plan drag the EU in and crush Russia.

Well you failed and now you have to go running trying to make peace now.

So this could be the end of the Ukraine Civil War. Hopefully Kiev will slowly fade in to nothing and the rightfully elected President will come back to power.


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