Osborne Promises More Powers If Scotland Votes No

Scotland could be given more powers in the rule of themselves. This is the promise that George Osbourne made if they Scottish people voted no at the Ballot box in a couple of weeks time.

I see that Westminster are getting scared now. It’s coming up very soon and they no they’re going to loose.

Honestly they’re only doing this so they can sway people back towards the Union. Why has this move come about because the Independence vote has moved a head of the Unionist vote.

Westminster doesn’t want that.

So they’re going to bribe people to stay with in the Union. I really don’t think it’s going to work as this is a referendum that be decided upon using their hearts and not their minds. If people didn’t want Independence they would not have voted for the SNP and they would have made their mind up years ago.

This is something you can’t swing in the final furlong. (Sorry for the Horse Racing Reference).

I actually think this is a really pathetic move from Westminster they realized they were going to loose because they haven’t go a valid Argument to keep the Union together so they’re trying one last bribery tactic. I really hope it fails and fails badly.

So the Government thinks they can buy votes at the last minuet. You know what I don’t think the Scots are that stupid.


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