Brown Sets Out More Powers Timetable

The Westminster Parties have announced the timetable for boosting Scotland’s power if they vote no. The three main parties used former Prime Minister to lay out the timetable of powers that would handed over if the Scottish don’t vote for Independence.

There are 10 days to go until the Scottish make the most important decision in British politics for over 300 years.

So it’s the most important thing that the Scots can vote on and Westminster needs somebody to sell them their bribery package. So who do they pick Gordon Brown.

Dear God not Gordon Brown, anybody but Gordon Brown.

They’re using the most charismatic man who couldn’t sell fish to a Chippy to sell the idea to keep the union together. Not a good idea. They could have used somebody else. I wouldn’t trust Brown’s ideas he was the Prime Minister who launched us in to a recession a few years ago.

Anybody remember that.

The Better together campaign has really have insulted the Scots in this campaign. First they used Alistair Darling and when thast didn’t work they use bribery tactics using Gordon Brown. Why don’t they use Coco the Clown or Krusty from the Simpsons.

No wonder the Yes vote is winning in this referendum.

So Better Together have pulled out the Big Gun out, thank goodness it’s not going to work because it’s a giant insult.


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