Leaders React To Ian Paisley’s Death

Political and Religious leader have reacted to the death of Ian Paisley. The leaders of Britain’s Political and Religious institutions have been reacting to the death of Ian Paisley the man who took the D.U.P. in to a power sharing arrangement with the Republicans at Storemont.

There is a person in politics that means a lot of people of a certain Generation but then to the Generation beneath them means nothing. Ian Paisley is one of those people with in English culture.

Everybody of my parents generation he’s a towering figure but to the people of mine he won’t be anything. That’s probably because we’re the Generation of Islamic Terror and not of Northern Ireland Terror.

The Good Friday Agreement will not mean much to my Generation but I lot to them older than mine.

When Mandela died a few months ago I questioned the genuine sentiment behind the tributes that came in from certain world leaders. This time I think that the British leaders are sad that they lost him.

Paisley was a major character in British Politics and many people believe in his Belief in the Union. They believed in what he believed in and you have to remember he put aside his prejudices for the good of Northern Ireland.

He was a man you had to respect just for that.

I great political leaders has died but his the legacy of his work in his last few years in politics will run through the ages.


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