Westminster Leaders Sign No Vote Pledge

Leaders of the three ‘main’ Westminster Parties have pledged to devolve more powers to Scotland. The pledge that will appear on the front page of tomorrows Daily Record has been signed by the leaders of all three parties if Scotland votes no to Independence.

Well we’re back on to Scotland and the Independence Referendum and there is only 3 days to do before the big day. Before SCOTLAND DECIDES!!!

I smell the smell of desperation coming out of Westminster.

Honestly this really is the sad last desperate attempt to change peoples minds. The little jaunt up North of the Border must have been a massive failure. Even Farage couldn’t help them and he’s more popular than Clegg.

Writing a pledge and putting it in to the Daily Record really doesn’t look good. They are just screaming vote for us. It’s sad, it’s pathetic and it won’t help at this point.

I’ve said it a load of times in the last few days. People have already made they’re minds up about this subject and you won’t change their minds.

The thing is Nick Clegg signing this pledge will be seen as pointless. Anybody else remember the last pledge he signed? The students? Well he went back on that one remember and screwed them over for power. His word is like, well it doesn’t mean anything really does it.

So Westminster have signed a pledge to give Scotland more powers, well I doubt it will actually mean anything to the Scots and it won”t change their minds.


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