Independence Referendum Debate Reaches Climax

Today was the final day of the campaigning in the Scottish independence referendum. Both sides of the independence debate held mass rallies as tomorrow looms closer and closer.

Scotland goes to the poles tomorrow and it’s going to be the most important vote that we’ll see in our life times and our children’s life times.

It’s funny I don’t think I’ve seen the BBC spend so much time in Scotland pretending to be unbiased while their correspondents have tried convince Scotland to stay in the Union. To be honest I think they failed.

Today has been the climax, that sounds really really sexual for Politics. How ever this has not been the climax because the whole debate has plodded along at slow and steady pace but tomorrow is the to vote.

You wonder if any of this final rallying is actually going to change anything for tomorrow? Like I’ve said a load of times. Today hasn’t helped because people have made their minds up ages ago. The people who don’t know what they want are lying to themselves.

If you do get to vote tomorrow, I plead for you to vote independence as end the Union. Then Wales can go independent and then Northern Ireland and possibly more.

Tomorrow is the big day for Scotland and they decide. What ever the outcome Britain will change forever.


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