Video Of British Hostage Released

A video of another British Hostage has been released. The video features a man who is believed to be British Journalist John Cantlie who being held by the Islamic Militant group IS.

So today is the day of Scottish Independence vote and IS release this new video. So IS had to steal the thunder of the Scottish people. To be honest I’m more interested in the Scottish referendum but this is the top story on the BBC website so I shall comment.

So according to Western Media Cantlie is being used as a mouth piece for IS under duress. This is an interesting technique to use. I’m guessing the West would take a Westerner more serious.

They’re using a victim to get their message out. Gives the Government two choices, take IS more seriously or they can try and save this person whilst calling IS terrorists.

Granted they’re going to call IS terrorist what ever they do.

I hope that the Government take this and future messages more seriously because IS will carry on doing what they do until they get their way.

IS have sent us a message through one of our own and I hope we take it seriously. Some how I think this could end up with another person dead and war to carry on fighting.


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