Brown Vows Powers Will Be Delivered

Gordon Brown has vowed to make sure the Scottish Powers will be delivered. The Former Prime Minister has said that he will make sure that the powers promised to the Scottish will be delivered to them by the 3 Westminster Parties.

You wonder in the future when people look back in to history people are going to see this as the week of Vow. The Scottish Referendum campaign will be the campaign of vows.

Westminster has made vows and now Gordon Brown is making vows on top of Westminster vows. You wonder if the Scots, firstly believe these vows and if Westminster will keep them or are they going to be empty promises.

Let’s face it Clegg is not a man of his word, he did screw over the students for power.

When we look back are we going to see Gordon Brown as the hero?

He’s the man who saved the Union and gave powers to the Scottish. Will he been seen as the next William Wallace. The man who save Scotland.

They say history is written by the victor so are we going to see Brown as the hero and Salmond as the devil.

History is interesting.

Brown will try and get the Scottish people the powers he promised. If he succeeds he a hero, if he fails he’ll be seen as useless as he was a Prime Minister.


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