UK Parliament To Be Recalled Over Air Strikes On IS

The UK Parliament will be recalled on Friday. David Cameron has recalled the UK Parliament back for Friday to discuss Possible involvement in to Air Strikes against Islamic State in Iraq.

Britain is going to jump on to the War Band wagon against Islamic State.

It was just a little over a year ago where we sat in this position on the verge of war again in the Middle East and now were back in the same position 12 to 13 months later. Funny how the wheel turns. What was the out come of this last time. The world did nothing.

If you’ve been reading this blog then you will know I was in favour of going in to Syria and was rather annoyed with did go in.

I’m hoping that Milliband actually chooses a position this time and doesn’t move from it. At this juncture in time, we can not have him flip flop for position to position. He needs to take one stance and stick to it.

I actually think we will go in this time. I think both sides of the house are singing off the same hymn sheet this time. The rest of the world has gone in with a sort of blessing from the UN. Nobody is going to complain if we do go in.

This is the attack that the world wants to happen.

Cameron is going to call Parliament back on Friday to discuss the Islamic State approach. I think we will join in with the attacks.


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