Second MP Defects To UKIP

A second Conservative MP has defected to UKIP. The Conservative MP Mark Reckless has said that he has left the Party to UKIP on the eve of the Conservative Party Conference.

This is a blow to the Conservatives. It’s not a big blow to the party but it’s a blow none the less.

Let’s look at person, his name is Mark Reckless (Yes that’s his name)and he only got elected in 2010. He’s not much of a name so it’s not going to help party in the slightest.

With this one jumping ship you wonder how many will go before the General Election?

This is the second one in a few months and it really doesn’t look good. It really does not look good.

This really is giving power to the Labour Party. With the more people jumping you can hope that Milliband is going to take advantage of this and use it to the Labour Party’s gain.

If not he is a rubbish leader.

It just shows that UKIP will gain more power and with them targeting Labour Seats in the North of Britain. They will be able to win seats and change the power plays in the General Election.

So another person has gone from Conservative to UKIP. With only 8 months left to the next election this could be the worst thing to happen for Cameron.


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