MP’s Defection Is A Betrayal

The defection of an MP from the Conservatives to UKIP is a betrayal. The Conservative chairman has accused Mark Reckless of betraying the party after he defected to UKIP.

That’s a very, very strong usage of words from Grant Shapps.

Shapps as used the opening speech to slag off a former member of the party. This is not a wise move from Shapps because it makes him look bitter, very bitter. Reckless did this of his free will out of moral conscious because he didn’t believe in the Conservative Parties policy.

However I do believe that he could have done it later on in his career. The man has only just been elected in 2010 and then he buggers off to another party. You would expect a little bit of party loyalty from a first time MP.

However, you might have learned that using this kind of language and spending your time slagging off members of UKIP just helps their cause. They tried this during the last European Election and people voted for UKIP and they won.

OK Mr Shapps you carry on and we’ll see what happens there.

Grant Shapps has accused MPS defecting from the Conservative Party
to UKIP and betrayers. This shouldn’t be the language that should be used in the Political Arena. It makes Shapps look petty and sad.


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