Osborne Proposes New Benefit Freeze

There will be a two year tax benefit. George Osborne has proposed a two year benefit freeze for people of a working age. The Chancellor made this proposal today during his speech the Conservative Party Conference.

Is this going to be the week where see the Conservatives loose their grasp on the General Election next year. Firstly we have one minister defect to UKIP then another get embroiled in a sex scandal, there’s this Benefit Freeze and don’t forget Shapps silly little attack on the defector last night.

Not the best few days for the Conservatives.

This is a really good way to loose a nice set of working class voters. They made massive gains in 2010 and managed to get a lot of voters who swung from Labour to the Conservatives. Many of them working class voters who got annoyed with Labour and they those people are going to swing back to Labour because they’ll get money Labour.

You wonder if this carries on how big the swing would be to come back. Then if you add the people who go to UKIP then we could see another Labour government with a majority.

Can you imagine a country led by Milliband. Yeah I don’t want to think about that either.

Osborne has said he wants a benefit freeze for two years well he might have just slowly started to hand the keys of Downing Street to Milliband.


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