RAF Strike First IS Targets In Iraq

The RAF have taken part in their first air strikes against Islamic State. In the first attacks since the British Parliament approved the air strikes RAF jets hit a heavy weapons positions and a armed pick up truck.

Well isn’t it great to see we’re hitting such important target like a pick up van. We could hit highly Armored positions and dealing a massive blow to the Islamic State but no we hit a are targeting a Pick Up truck.

When they pick these target did the M.O.D not think that if we destroy a troop carry of sorts they could not find another car or van to move their troops.

I wonder if we are giving the American the big targets because they are the leaders who have been doing it for longer than us. The big big country leads the way against Islamic State and we get to mop up the what’s left.

I’m starting to wonder what will happen when we finish. My feelings are towards the Kurds. We’re giving them all these weapons and I wonder if they win will they try to exact revenge on people of Iraq.

So we have launched our first folly in to Iraq against the Islamic State shame we didn’t get some important tactics.


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