Alan Henning Beheaded By Islamic State

Alan Henning has been beheaded. A video purporting to show the beheading of Alan Henning a British hostage by the members of Islamic State.

You go out to a country to help people and then you end up dead with your head cut off. There something wrong with that whole situation.

You’ve got to wonder when this is going to stop and this whole farce of a situation is going to stop.

A person died who shouldn’t have needed to die because Britain has made mistakes constantly when it comes to their Policy on the Middle East. Over and Over again.

We should never have gone in to Iraq, we should have never removed Saddam and we should have never allowed the power vacuum in Iraq to develop. We should have stopped Syria’s Civil War in it’s tracks.

If we had done this Islamic State wouldn’t have gained so much power in the Middle East and this wouldn’t have happened.

You’ve got to feel sorry for Henning’s wife. She made a plea for his safety and then she finds out that he’s been killed. That must be awful for her to have to hear and to see it on the news as well.

Another hostage has been killed thanks to our stupid foreign policy however I do hope that we wipe Islamic State off the face of the earth.


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