Henning Family Numb With Grief

The Henning family are numb with grief. The family of the beheaded aid worker have opened up about the death of Alan who was killed by Islamic State saying that his death has left them numb with grief.

Now that this has all settled in the emotions of the family and the nation is now coming to the surface and you will have to wonder what the consequences will be.

The family have the right to grieve and we accept that and I hope the nation will let them do this in private. They made a statement to the press and now the country should leave it at that. It’s their private time and it’s time they need to have to themselves.

Cameron has said all the right things when it comes to what the country wants to hear. Yes we are saddened by the death of Alan Henning and as a country we needed to hear and see the British Government and Army doing something.

I’m afraid this is going to be a rallying call for people in the extreme right. A man was doing his job and get’s killed. They’re going to make a Martyr out of him and he doesn’t deserve that shit from right wing groups.

He shouldn’t be their poster child for their cause.

I think we seriously needed to look at how we conduct aid missions now in These types of countries. This really shouldn’t have happened. He should never have been kidnapped and somebody should have been looking out for him to prevent this from happening.

The phrase it’s not on comes to mind.

The Henning family is now grieving for their loss. We should let them do it in peace and not have people make this person in to a martyr for their twisted right wing hate campaign.


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