Clegg Urges Tax Increase To Cut Deficit

Takes must be increased. Nick Clegg has said that we must raise taxes if we are to cut the deficit after the next election.

We Nick Clegg opens his mouth for the last big hurrah before he launches the Liberal Democrat General Election Campaign. I’m going to call it the final humiliation of Nick Clegg.

So the Liberal Democrats have said they want to raise Taxes on the country. Well that’s going to go down very very well isn’t it. The last thing people are going to want to pay is more taxes. Pay less taxes maybe but not more.

Cameron has promised tax cuts for 30 million people and the Liberal Democrats want to makes us pay more taxes. Well who is going to get more votes in 2015.

Even with this piece of stupidity they are screwed anyway. They’re not going to gain seats, they’re going too loose them.

So Clegg can make all these and it’s not ever going to help them. They might as well not even bother making a manifesto this year in fact this conference as his final day speech is a bit pointless.

Nobody is going to pay attention.

Clegg is going to make us pay more taxes if the Liberal Democrat get elected to power. Well it doesn’t even matter because the Liberal Democrats won’t be a force after 2015 election.


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