Spain Investigates New Case OF Ebola

There has been another case of Ebola in Europe. Investigation are underway at a hospital in Madrid. The investigation has come about after a Spanish Nurse has become the first person to contract the disease outside of West Africa.

Well this can’t be a good in the fight against Ebola. It has reached Dallas in Texas where people have been quarantined and now it’s infected a person in Spain who works in the Medical Profession.

The Spanish now have a massive problem on their hands. If this woman has been infected and has been walking around for 21 or so with out knowing she has Ebola, how many people in Spain have been infected? How many people have Infected other people and so on and so on?

You should get my picture here?

The European Commission are asking how this has happened? Well my guess is that the woman came in to contact with an Ebola Patient with out proper Protection which means the Spanish must look at their Protection methods against this disease.

It’s kind of simple.

So their is the first case of Ebola on European shores that hasn’t been contracted in West Africa. The European Union now has a problem on their hands and very little time to find an answer before it’s too late.


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