UK Send 750 Troops To Tackle Ebola

The UK Government will be sending troops to Sierra Leone. British Health Minister Philip Hammond has confirmed that the army will send 750 soldiers to Sierra to combat the Ebola threat in the country.

Well Sarah Palin must be happy we’re going to finally invade Ebola. We’re over throwing Ebola’s powers.

But Seriously

Now I wonder what has caused this sudden change in strategy against the virus? Could it be that it has finally hit European shore and could be making it’s way around Europe soon?

Well yes it’s clearly that. I bet if there hadn’t been this case in Spain the Government would have given too craps about the situation because it was in Africa and not in Europe.

One of those we don’t care as long as it doesn’t effect us.

And do we need to send 750 troop to build hospitals when Isis is on the borders of Europe. Why don’t we send 300 troops to Sierra Leone with a massive load of Doctors maybe.

I might being ignorant here but I can’t see how the army is going to in this situation.

So we’re going to send troop to fight Ebola. Let’s hope they can do something about it because I don’t think the army alone can solves this problem.


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