UK Investigates Ebola Case After Brit Dies In Macecedonia

The UK will launch an investigation into a case of Ebola in Macedonia. The Investigation has come about after a British man died in the Eastern European country earlier of the Ebola Virus.

The Foreign Office must be bricking it by now. I know I’m sounding a bit jokey on the subject but they really must be bricking it. This is an British person who is living found in another country with the Ebola virus.

So the question must be asked what is this going to Britain Diplomatically? and then what is this going to do Macedonia?

I really don’t think this will damage the British Parliament diplomatically but it will damage then in the health fronts.

Now Macedonia will have a medical crisis on their hands. Granted we don’t know how long he’s been there and if and how many people are infected now.

This is the 2nd country that in Europe that the virus has been found in and this time they didn’t go to West Africa. That means somebody has left the infected area and moved across continental lines and borders.

The W.H.O will have a massive problem on their hands before too long and we’ll all be screwed.

The British Government have now got to investigate an Ebola case of a British person abroad. This can only get worse for Britain and Europe as a whole


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