UKIP Could Hold The Keys Of Power

UKIP could hold the keys of power when it comes to the next General Election. The Party’s leader made this prediction after Douglas Carswell was voted in to the Clacton constituency making him the first ever elected member of Parliament for UKIP.

It was a really, really good night for UKIP last night. Firstly they managed to win the Clacton seat which was going to happen and they managed to cut a Labour majority down to 617.

The second is no mean feet saying they were trying to fight a battle in Labour heartland where everybody votes Labour no matter what? It’s the thing that is done.

The powers at Westminster must be bricking it now. They have got to realize that UKIP are gaining power and the back up party are now behind the Greens in the polls. UKIP really will be the ones who are the King Makers.

Oh the power they’ll have

I want one of the leaders to trot out the ‘Protest vote’ card. They have to even though they no it’s not. What people are doing are voting for the party they know will get them out of the EU where people don’t want to be.

It’s the party of change for Britain.

UKIP now have their first elected MP and will become the king makers come the next General Election. Let’s hope the power of UKIP will bring the European Union debate to the forefront of Politics.


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