UK Expects Handful Of Ebola Cases

There will be cases of Ebola within the United Kingdom. The Country’s chief medical officer has said Britain should expect a handful cases of Ebola within the country.

Well let’s face it we really did expect this to happen. Swine Flu came over from Mexico and now Ebola is coming over from West Africa. Viruses and Diseases go from country to country it’s Science.

At least the Government is being honest with us. They could have turned around said that is was unlikely that it would happen but they’ve told us that it is coming and people will be infected.

Great to see the Government being honest. You can’t blame them for being dishonest.

My only problem with this would be public hysteria.

Let’s face it people are stupid. You tell somebody that an illness is going and they’re going to panic. I can see a lot of people ending up in A&E and Doctor’s surgeries because they are hypochondriacs and they think they’ve got Ebola when they clearly don’t.

This problem could be really bad and a massive strain on the NHS.

So the Government has said that Ebola will reach British shores over the next few weeks. It’s great that they’re honest but we should look it to the stupidity of people.


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