Mistakes Blamed On US Transmission Of Ebola

Ebola has been spread due to mistakes. Top US health officials has said that mistakes were clearly made by staff treating the Texas Ebola patient causing a new person to be infected.

We made some mistakes when treating a person with a deadly disease. Some how I don’t think this is going to wash with the American public. A person has contracted a deadly disease that it’s ravaging the West of Africa and they made a mistake.

Let’s see how that goes down.

The person who brought the virus into America as died. It’s one family that has lost somebody and it was probably a person who didn’t need to die if they had found a cure.

Somehow they will look into it now Americans are now in the firing line of the illness.

They’ve quarantined 7 more people that had come in contact with the guy who brought it on to America. Well if I was an American I wouldn’t know if I should be worried or relieved.

7 more people could have got the illness but at least they’ve been quarantined by the Medical Authorities.

So Mistakes have been made that has caused somebody to contract the Ebola virus. It’s not very good is it.


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